HD Lyrical Video Service


I can make you a fully unique lyric video either from your imagination or mine! 

A unique Lyric Video is one way to make room in the Viewer's Heart. 

All my lyrical videos are created according to your song vibe, and I love to match every lyric with the background animation which speaks words. So what you should be expecting is something adapted to your song and the feel it reveals. 

By getting a lyric video done by me, you get : 

 *An original custom lyrics video. 
 *2 Revisions. 
 *Customer Satisfaction is my first priority. 
 *Custom colours and fonts to meet your taste. 

Behind every song, there is a good story to tell, as I believe that any artist should be able to tell his/her story through music lyric videos. 

That's why I'm here, Let's create some art together. 

Check out my recent work below! :) 

Don't hesitate to message me about anything :)

  • PLATINUM PACKAGE - 4K Lyric Video
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Cool Special Lyric Pack --+-- (Animated background loops) --- Cool text Animations & BG-- No word limits

7 Days Delivery - 3 Revisions Multi-platform Optimization Ultra HD (4k) Custom Background

Order today!

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Option 2 -- Send a video of you Rapping/Singing and we'll create the magic - You'll have a cool Music Video to share anywhere you'd like :)

I will create a unique , Energetic , Smooth and Dynamic , Kinetic Lyrics video for your music.

My lyric Videos can make your videos amazing , Catchy and Stunning . I am Providing the Best Service. 

Requirements : 

Song Type ( Mp3 , wav ) 
Lyrics (Text , doc ) 
Background Image or Footage 16:9/1080P Standard 


Professional Lyrics video 
Satisfaction guaranteed
Top fonts/Lyrics and Best Quality 

I design each video individually according to your music and references. So if you need Any custom Style then please just Inbox me before placing any Order. 

Also make sure to check your Lyrics and music are 100% Okay before Further Processing.

Option 2 - Send a Video of you Singing/Rapping - We'll add the magic
  • Option 2 - Send a Video of you Singing/Rapping - We'll add the magic
In cart Not available Out of stock

Featured lyrics video-- New and Trendy Lyric-- Bass & reaction to your Songs-- Reactive Background-- Kinetic motion text-- Cheap price and Top Quality-- Cool Animation & Tons of Effects-- Audio visualization that will make you feel your music and graphics--

Non Copyright Photo & Footage Background-- Effects ( shock ,burst ,fire ,smoke

Featured lyrics video -- New and Trendy Lyric -- Bass & reaction to your Songs -- Reactive Background -- Kinetic motion text -- Cheap price and Top Quality -- Cool Animation & Tons of Effects -- Audio visualization that will make you feel your music and graphics --

Non Copyright Photo & Footage Background -- Effects ( shock ,burst ,fire ,smoke ,glow ,glitch, lightning --

100% satisfaction( As always )will be my priority -- 1080P HD 

Friendly communication 


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